G      A     D      I      S
Pure Eid 19
GADIS collection draws inspiration from a woman’s individuality. She is a modern woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend – yet amidst the many hats she wears, she never loses her identity.
Her unique qualities shine through the more she embraces it.
It is time to seek her own roots.
She knows the world moves forward, but she does not forget the richness of her heritage.
GADIS embodies the overlapping luxury of simplicity and comfort made for a confident, urban woman who despite her love of comfort has an effortless style. It is a perfect symmetry between modernity and tradition.
The collection utilizes cotton mix fabric that provides ease and breathability.
GADIS is an epitome of an urban woman with a strong heritage connection. Silhouettes and details from the Malay vintage baju are weaved into the collection further celebrating its distinctive ethnicity and culture.
An ode to heritage as well as minimalist aesthetic, GADIS collection features versatile pieces and clean silhouettes creating a look perfect for Eid and thereafter.
Pure Eid '19
Art Direction / Photographer : Shah Azman
Concept : Sid Yahya
Crew: Syarul, Jeffrey, Izad Rahman & Huda
Makeup: Siti Hafsa
Talent: Atiqah